About Lisa Jordan

Lisa is the founder and president of The Right Fit Consulting. For more about Lisa, and to connect on LinkedIn, please visit www.LinkedIn.com/in/therightfit/.

 My Path, My Purpose

My personal mission is to improve lives by honing in on your most deeply held values and helping you realize what you naturally do best.

I believe that when you can articulate what you really love to do and why, then applying how to your work and your life becomes simple. From there your experiences and relationships become richer, more fulfilling. 

I believe that success, personal or professional, is a team effort requiring focus, action, balance, and direction. Curiosity to new ideas or different styles and flexibility are also vital in today’s fast paced world. 

I have a strong commitment to positive change. I know "the grass is always greener where it's watered." Life is good. Relationships are important. I believe that through the choices you make, you are the master of your own fortune.

More About Lisa

The seeds of life coaching were planted early in my career when I was a college admission counselor. Even then my conversations began with, “So, what would you like to do for the rest of your life? Don’t know? Don’t panic.” 

I spent a number of years at home full time with my then-young children before launching my coaching practice in 2008. As my practice grew, I published a client-centered tool, “Joyfully Ever After: Unlocking the True You,” that has enhanced the coaching experience. This workbook provides specific steps and exercises for my clients to access their thoughts, feelings and interpretations on their own first so that we can delve to a much deeper level together. 

Making the world a better place by helping others to help themselves is also my avocation. From initiating and volunteering for the School Banking Club in our school district to weekly participation at the Women’s Build Program for Habitat for Humanity, I strongly believe in helping within the community.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an individual consultation, please contact us.

About The Right Fit Consulting

The Right Fit Consulting works with organizations to navigate rapidly changing industries and markets. We are a consulting and coaching firm focusing on improving the internal dynamics and culture of organizations with the goal to improve organizational performance.

Good business is the result of strong relationships. Trust, respect and clear communication are mandatory within and without. Realigning and further developing these three keys areas is often at the heart of resolving most interpersonal conflict.

Our consulting and individual coaching has improved the morale, performance, focus and retention of individual team performers from day one. Certification in the Nine Domains Approachsm and InnovationCircle™ provides the framework designed to improve team dynamics leading to greater creativity and productivity.

Founded in 2008, The Right Fit Consulting is based in Rotterdam, NY.





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