Life, circumstances and roles change routinely. 

When you share your intentions, values, beliefs and limitations with an objective coach, a fundamental shift occurs. You gain a fresh perspective. You understand clearly your strengths and abilities. You see a new and exciting path to pursue. 


What are you waiting for?

I take an objective approach to you. I listen to your wants and needs. I match your energy and provide a sounding board for your ideas, your dreams and your perspective. Together, we unlock what is already deep inside, and we find the right fit for you.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an individual consultation, please contact us.

Individual Coaching

  • Enough time, energy and resources to do what you love

  • Insights about the challenges facing co-workers so you can gain their cooperation and advance their strengths to support your common goals

  • A renewed narrative that redefines how you meet your roles and responsibilities with maturity and distinction

  • Personal and professional goals based on your values and beliefs, and

  • Your best Self mirrored back and respectfully challenged to go further.

  • You’re stressed trying to balance work time and personal time

  • You get along well with most people at work but feel frustrated dealing with certain personalities

  • Your work or home responsibilities have changed, and you’re overwhelmed at the challenges your new roles bring

  • You’ve attained professional success and you wonder: What’s next?

  • You’re burned out at work, bored with life and thinking: Is this all there is?


You Deserve . . .

Why Lisa?

Why Coaching?

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