The Nine Domains Approach™

1.       Interpersonal Dynamics Assessments and Training

2.       One-on-one Leadership and Staff Coaching

3.       Self-Awareness Coaching

4.       New Manager Training

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 Individuals One to one and within a group. 

Each individual on your team and in your organization plays a role in your long term vision and your daily success. When each member naturally contributes at his or her highest performance level, together, you are at the pinnacle point. In today’s fast paced economy staying at the head of your game is not about changing so much as continually striving for improvement. Using your company’s resources, human and otherwise, as effectively and efficiently as possible within the constraints of the environment is essential.

Our team program harnesses the strengths of individual members, allowing them to build relationships and teams that work most effectively together. 

The Nine Domains Approach™ (9D) specifically identifies how the interpersonal dynamics of your team function. Each member receives an anonymous electronic TOLAT™ (Team & Organization Level Assessment Tool) for a full 360 view within the group’s functioning. After careful analysis, I meet with you to discuss the outcomes and determine the best course of action – group exercises, individual and/or group coaching and reassessment – to support your expectations for your business, department or team. 

Teams or groups operate within nine key areas. One, two or more areas operating at a level of disruption and ineffectiveness can pull down the whole operation. These areas are:

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Effective teams, powerful results.

1.       Group Dynamics Assessments

2.       Group Training & Team Building Facilitation

3.       Training Teams to Motivate for Win-Win Solutions and Results

4.       Change Management with an Emphasis on Strengthening Company Culture