Turn Stumbling Blocks into Building Blocks

As a business owner, do you struggle with the balance of working at what you love to do with working on the continuous needs of running and growing your business? You’re not alone.        

This program will introduce you to solutions to this dilemma through the Nine Domains Approach. 

You will: 

Lisa has studied and worked with the Nine Domains via the Enneagram for over 20 years. She has seen transformations in individuals, teams and companies after they discover how to achieve their highest performance levels naturally.  

This class introduces a deep understanding of the full spectrum of human behavior. Many people assume that others see the world the same way they do or think others would if only they would listen. By examining differing motivations and problem-solving styles of ourselves and others, we can increase the likelihood of cooperation among family members, colleagues and individuals.  

The Enneagram is a system that identifies nine distinct personality types, as it differentiates each type by distinctive inner motivations, energy, attitudes and behaviors. Students will learn the basic theory of the Enneagram and practical applications for both personal growth and interpersonal relations.

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•    Pinpoint where the strengths of your personality best serve your business

•    Identify the aspects that  are in your natural blind spot

•    Explore solutions to bring each necessary aspect of business to full capacity

•    Get the most out of team collaboration 


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Deeper Understanding of Ourselves and Others